DOT Compliance Consultants, LLC provides a wide range of consulting and compliance services to motor carriers throughout the Greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Region. Our team of highly-qualified safety consultants bring decades of field experience to the table. Their mission is to help companies easily understand and comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Get an overview of he services we offer below and contact us today to discuss how we can help meet your company’s specific needs.

Accident Investigations

Our team can serve as your on-site representative when your vehicle is involved in a collision. With our experience and understanding of the industry and its accident investigation techniques, we will provide you with a more accurate understanding as to how the accident occurred and what factors were involved.

Accident Analysis

After you’ve confirmed that everyone is alright, you need to determine what happened, why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. The key factor in reducing accidents is to understand why it happened. In many cases, people assume the driver is at fault. However, there are other factors to consider such as location, type of load, the other driver and/or vehicle, and weather conditions. Our expertise in the transportation industry allows us to analyze your accident data and design an accident reduction plan for your company.

Accident Trend Analysis

Where are your accidents occurring? Which drivers are involved? What other factors are involved? Our Safety/Risk Management analysis can assist you in identifying the major factors involved in your accidents, many of which can be eliminated through training, customer involvement and driver management.

Administrative Services

We‎ know the world of administrative compliance can be frustrating and time consuming. We can tailor our services to assist your compliance needs. We can train your admins on the processes and procedures to be in administrative compliance. If desired, we will maintain your company administrative records to keep you in compliance.

Course Offerings

To suit the needs of our client base, we offer sixteen DOT related training courses. These comprehensive courses are built around the same Federal and State DOT training classes that are only offered to DOT Law Enforcement Officers.  Our courses are not offered by any other consultants. We will pass on our knowledge so that your company can avoid costly fines and a reduction in your safety rating. Learn more about our course offerings >

Defensive Driving Programs For Non-CDL Drivers

The key to any successful safety program is defensive driving. NTCI has a number of defensive driving programs for different types of vehicle operators. One of the most successful programs is “Coaching The Professional Truck Driver” by the National Safety Council. Our staff can arrange specific driving seminars and train your people to become qualified presenters.

DOT Registration and Application Assistance

The DOT application and registration process can be a very detailed, involved process. With years of experience under our belts, DOT Compliance Consultants, LLC’s team of experts can help guide you through this process and ensure you are in full compliance with the laws and regulations. Learn more about our DOT Registration and Application Assistance Services >

Driver Safety Meetings

If you are not conducting a driver safety meeting on a regular basis or do not have the time to prepare a program, DOT Compliance Consultants can provide this service for you. Our consultants will design specific training programs or safety meetings and present them to your drivers in an accessible, easy to understand format that will help them get the most out of the materials and apply the information they learned in order to become a safer driver.

Expert Witness Testimony

When there is an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle, regulations and industry standards will most likely play a part in any litigation. With the increasing complexity of DOT regulation and the variability of motor carrier operations, having an expert on your side is more important than ever. The other side will often take advantage of this complexity to confuse and distort the facts to their advantage.

Our consultants have the experience and credentials in areas such as, regulatory enforcement, vehicle inspection, fleet operations, hazardous materials, and driver training to provide meaningful insight. We will take the time to understand the underlying issues and then match you with our consultants who are most qualified to support your case. Contact NTCI to gain the expertise to deliver a clear understanding of the facts.

Mock Audits

DOT Compliances Consultants, LLC also specializes in Mock Audits. One or more of our three previously Federally Certified State Auditors will travel to you and utilize the same standardized process that State and Federal Auditors use. Our report will demonstrate if action would likely be taken from a State or Federal DOT auditor. We will also take the time to analyze if you are subject to a safety rating reduction. These results are confidential and NOT shared with State and Federal DOT auditors. We are YOUR advocate and will work for YOU.

Retaining Our Services

Do you need a DOT Professional to answer your regulatory questions from time to time? Would‎ you like to have a competent, highly trained DOT professional working on your behalf? We are offering our DOT Consulting Services on a monthly retainer basis. Retainers can be used for a variety of services including but not limited to: Administrative training, Driver Training, Roadside inspection report review and challenge, Review of Motor Carrier overall compliance, Mock Audits, Audit prep and representation during Federal and/or State audits & Expert Witness testimony.

We offer a complete line of services at a fraction of the cost of having a full time DOT professional on staff. Lets schedule a meeting and explore how we may be able to assist you.

Our service packages have been tailored to meet your company’s needs; adding an added level of protection for your growing fleet. Learn more about our Service Packages >